Ota Pavlíček

Ota Pavlíček is a senior researcher at the Department for the Study of Ancient and Medieval Thought at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

In the course of the project, he has worked on transcriptions and preparation of editions, and research into metaphysical topics, and the more general framing of the 1409 quodlibetal debate.

Ota specialises in the thought of late medieval scholars active in Central Europe, with a particular interest in the Faculties of Arts and Theology in Prague. His research interests include metaphysical and theological debates and the philosophical background of the Reformation. Recently, he has been awarded an ERC grant for his project ACADEMIA, which explores the tradition of quodlibetal debates in Arts. He has authored a number of studies including on the thought of Jerome of Prague. He has edited a collaborative volume on Jerome of Prague (Filosofia, 2018), a thematic block on the thought of Jan Hus and his teachers (in Filosofický časopis [Journal of Philosophy], 2015) and Studying the Arts in Late Medieval Bohemia: Production, Reception and Transmission of Knowledge (Brepols, 2021). Together with František Šmahel, he has also edited A Companion to Jan Hus (Brill, 2015).


2014 – Université Paris-Sorbonne, Ph.D. in History of Philosophy
2014 – Hussite Faculty of Theology, Charles University, Prague, Th.D. in Hussite Theology
2007 – Hussite Faculty of Theology, Charles University, Prague, MA (Mgr.) in Teaching of Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion for the High Schools

Selected publications

  • Ota Pavlíček, ed., Studying the Arts in Late Medieval Bohemia: Production, Reception and Transmission of Knowledge, Turnhout: Brepols 2021 (=Studia Artistarum 48), 358 pp.
  • Ota Pavlíček, ed., Jeroným Pražský. Středověký intelektuál, mučedník české reformace a hrdina národní tradice [Jerome of Prague: Medieval Intellectual, Martyr of Bohemian Reformation and Hero of National Tradition], Praha: FILOSOFIA 2018 (= Europaeana Pragensia 10), 218 pp.
  • František Šmahel, Ota Pavlíček, eds., A Companion to Jan Hus, Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2015, 447 pp.
  • Ota Pavlíček, ed., “Příspěvky k filosoficko‑teologickému myšlení Jana Husa a jeho učitelů [Contributions to the Philosophico-Theological Thought of Jan Hus and his Teachers],” Filosofický časopis [Journal of Philosophy] 63 (2015), No. 6 [collection of articles]. 102 pp.
  • Ota Pavlíček, La dimension philosophique et thèologique de la pensée de Jérôme de Prague , Paris-Prague: Université de Paris IV – Paris Sorbonne & Charles University in Prague 2014, 622pp.
  • Jaroslava Hausenblasová, Petr Hlaváček, Zdeněk Mužík, Ota Pavlíček, Kacířská univerzita: Osobnosti pražské utrakvistické univerzity 1417-1622 [The Heretical University: Masters of the Prague Utraquist University in 1417-1622], Praha: Togga, 2013. 165 pp.