Luigi Campi

Luigi Campi is a lecturer at the ‘Piero Martinetti’ Department of Philosophy of the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

In the framework of the project, he focused on an edition of the long introductory section to the 1409 quodlibetal debate and of two further texts ascribed to the quodlibet chairman, Matthias of Knín, on metaphysical and ethical topics. He also provided an updated intellectual portrait of Matthias and an inquiry into academic practices and intellectual life at the Prague Faculty of Arts at the turn of the Fifteenth Century.

Luigi’s area of specialisation is the history of medieval philosophy, with a particular interest in late medieval realist metaphysics and rational theology. He is an internationally recognised expert on the thought of John Wyclif’s, and has published extensively on the subject. His doctoral dissertation was the basis for his major critical edition of John Wyclif’s tract De scientia Dei (The British Academy – Oxford University Press, 2017). Among his studies of Wyclif’s impact in late medieval Bohemia, is an edition with commentary of Peter Payne’s Defensio proposicionis venerabilis Doctoris Ewangelici de necessitate eventuum (in Rivista di storia della filosofia, 2015). Together with S. Simonetta, he edited Before and After Wyclif. Sources and Textual Influences (FIDEM – Brepols, 2021).


2011 – Università degli Studi di Salerno – Ph.D. in Philosophy, Science and Culture of Late Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance
2007 – Università degli Studi di Milano – M.A. in Philosophy of Science
2004 – Università degli Studi di Milano – B.A. in Philosophy

Selected publications

  • CAMPI, L., ‘A Quaestio on Friendship Ascribed to Matthias of Knín, with some Notes and Questions on the Academic and Intellectual Life at the Prague Faculty of Arts at the Turn of the Fifteenth Century’ [containing the critical edition of Utrum, si amicus et veritas dissenciant, veritas sit amico preferenda]. Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale. 2021, (32), 297-343.
  • CAMPI, L., ‘Is Perfection of this World? A Quaestio on Creatures’ Perfection in Terms of Propinquity to or Distance from the First Being, Ascribed to Matěj of Knín,’ Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale 62 (2020), 213–250.
  • CAMPI, L., ‘Puri philosophi non est theologizare: Reflections on Method in John Wyclif’s and his Bohemian Followers’ Discussions of the Eternity of the World.‘ In: GHOSH, K., SOUKUP, P., eds., Wycliffism and Hussitism: Methods of Thinking, Writing, and Persuasion, c. 1360 – c. 1460. Turnhout: Brepols, 2021, 117-137.
  • John Wyclif, De scientia Dei, (edited by L. CAMPI), Oxford University Press for the British Academy, Oxford 2017 (‘Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi’ 30).
  • CAMPI, L., ‘God is the Rewarder not of Nouns but Adverbs» Hunting Abelardian Ghosts’, Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale 29 (2018), 155-190.
  • CAMPI, L., ‘Una difesa del determinismo dell’ultimo Wyclif attribuita a Peter Payne’ [articolo con edizione della Defensio proposicionis venerabilis Doctoris Ewangelici de necessitate eventuum], Rivista di storia della filosofia 70.4 (2015), 829-871.
  • CAMPI, L., ‘Was the Early Wyclif a Determinist? Concerning an Unnoticed Level in his Taxonomy of Being’, Vivarium 52 (2014), 102-146.
  • CAMPI, L., SIMONETTA, S., eds., Before and After Wyclif: Sources and Textual Influences, FIDEM, Turnhout 2021 (‘Textes et Études du Moyen Âge’ 97).
  • CAMPI, L., Determinism between Oxford and Prague. The Late Wyclif’s Retractions and Their Defense Ascribed to Peter Payne’, in HORNBECK J.P., VAN DUSSEN, M., eds., Europe after Wyclif, Fordham University Press, New York 2016, 115-134.